Wolff Securities/Meet the Wolff Brothers

Wolff Securities

An elite, private-sector security firm run by the Wolff brothers.

Qualifications: Military background.

Services: Personal & corporate security, high risk missions into dangerous places, hostage/kidnap/fugitive recovery, intelligence gathering.

The Wolff Brothers

Quinn: Oldest, owns and runs Wolff Securities. Former Pararescueman. Takes his responsibilities and protection of family and missions very seriously. Wrote the Wolff Securities handbook. But, when it comes to protecting his family and loved ones the book goes out the window.  
Height: 6’3″
Hair: Dark, short
Eyes: Deep green
Occupation: Founder Wolff Securities/Former PJ

Kell: Part owner of Wolff Securities. Called ‘Ghost’ by his brothers-in-arms while with Delta Force because of his uncanny ability to move without detection. He runs everywhere instead of drives. Outrunning his demons, as his brothers put it, and prefers extreme sports as opposed to being home where his past haunts him. But, there is no one else you’d want watching your six.
Height: 6’3″
Hair: Dark
Eyes: Dark Blue
Occupation: Wolff Securities Operative/Former Green Beret

Nate: Former Navy SEAL, Nate lives in the water. He lives on a houseboat, and is always working on his boat. The hardest to read of the Wolff brothers, he plays his cards very close to the vest. But when it comes to demolitions, he’s your man.
Height: 6’3″
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Bottle green, like an antique glass bottle
Occupation: Wolff Securities Operative/Former Navy SEAL

Chris: Bad boy to his core in his biker boots when riding his Harley or driving his classic Charger, Chris has a reputation for living fast and loose. He lays his cards on the table and you always know where you stand with him. Not always a good thing and lands him in many bar fights. His loyalty runs the deepest, and he acts on it-fiercely. His SEAL training make him a dangerous weapon with a knack for gadgets that have saved their asses more than once. He’s currently working on a project the DoD is very interested in.
Height: 6’2″
Hair: Dark blond
Eyes: Ocean blue
Occupation: Wolff Securities operative/Former Navy SEAL

Evan: The youngest of the brothers, but that doesn’t mean anything with these brothers. A mixed martial artist who specialized in close-quarters-combat and hand-to-hand-combat with the Rangers, his knowledge in pressure points makes him their best interrogator. Quiet and calm this man is often underestimated.
Height: 6’0″
Hair: Dark
Eyes: Blue (blueberry)
Occupation: Wolff Securities operative/Former Green Beret

Ryan: The most laid back and easy-going of the brothers. His winning smile puts others at ease, making him their front man and the one who talks to clients. A former Ranger, he watches his brother’s sixes and they are glad for it.
Height: 6’3″
Hair: Dark blond
Eyes: Blue-Grey
Occupation: Wolff Securities operative/Former Army Ranger

Bailey: The only sister in the Wolff family. But don’t let that fool you. Bailey can hold her own against six brothers. Strong and stubborn, she was right there with them on their many adventures and mishaps as they grew up. As adults, she doesn’t let them shield her from what they do. She’s no fool. She knows their job is dangerous. As a cartographer, they sometimes call on her expertise on a mission. She won’t let what happened to her as a child determine her future or allow them to treat her with kid gloves.
Height: 5’7″
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Seafoam green
Occupation: Topographer