Onyx Group

Onyx Group

Private military contractors who work off the books for the DoD. Called mercenaries in most circles, they do the jobs no one else can do to keep America safe.

Heroes of Onyx Group:

Patrick Gallagher: Founder of Onyx Group. Former Navy SEAL who lives by the buddy system and teamwork, despite the nature of their work. He’s strong and steadfast, the man behind the scenes, with a past of his own that his operatives don’t ask about, but wonder what his story is.
Height: 6’2″
Hair: Dark
Eyes: Green like the hills of Ireland
Occupation: Founder of Onyx Group/Former Navy SEAL

Cristian Slade: Former French Foreign Legion, haunted by his past, he’s a hardened mercenary with icy blue eyes and the ability to detach himself. Or so he thinks.
Height: 6’1″
Hair: Dark, cropped short
Eyes: Ice blue
Occupation: Onyx Group Operative/Former French Foreign Legion

Sam Ryden: The most easy-going and laid back of the group with his slow smile and cowboy swagger. He easily slips into places most can’t. Including your heart.
Height: 6’3″
Hair: Dark Sandy Blond
Eyes: Light blue
Occupation: Onyx Group Operative/Former Fighter Pilot

Mark Mercer: Aloof, quiet, and built like a Greek God with his unusual golden eyes that see inside your soul, this man doesn’t put people at ease. The team hates his ‘sixth sense’ when he probes into their heart and minds, but it has saved their asses more than once.
Height: 6’1″
Hair: Dark
Eyes: Gold
Occupation: Onyx Group Operative/Former Green Beret

Rick Sarver: Somber and brooding, this man’s violence is leashed just below the surface. Women find it a turn on, but he always holds back, reserving that piece of him. A piece he’s buried deep and shares with no one. For now.
Height: 6’4″
Hair: Dark
Eyes: Dark
Occupation: Onyx Group Operative

Remy Fortier: Sexy Cajun-French merc with a price on his head. He doesn’t know who or why but in their line of work it’s no big surprise. But, he isn’t going to sit back and let them come at him or his family again. He’s going balls out to find them. And the bayou isn’t the place to mess with this mercenary.
Height: 6’0″
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark
Occupation: Onyx Group Operative

Carter Bodley: The only Brit on the team. Former MI-6. Brilliant, clandestine, with assets all over the world.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Occupation: Onyx Group Operative/Former MI-6