Join My Street Team!




Hello and welcome to my Street Team Page!

What’s a street team you ask? The term street team came from fans of rock groups who spread the word about their favorite bands, helping them become major names. The concept soon spread to authors and their readers and fans, and author street teams were born.

So consider this your official invitation to become one of Jennifer’s Tactical Team!

What do you have to do?

Only what you’re comfortable with! My street team is all about YOU! Without you it wouldn’t be successful so whatever you can do to help me makes me YOUR biggest fan! I want this to be fun and rewarding for you too 🙂

  • Share and promote my books! Easy, right? There are many ways to do that:
  • Talk about my books online
  • Share links to buy my books on social media sites
  • Post and share 4 & 5 star reviews
  • Visit blogs and guest posts I’m on and comment
  • Get a friend to subscribe to my newsletter (they get a FREE book if they do!)
  • Get a friend to follow me via Email, Twitter, FB
  • Tell your friends and coworkers about my books ~ personal recommendation is by far the best way to sell my books.

What do you get? Or, the fun part!

Lots of cool stuff! As a JTT and because I am so happy to have you join my team, you’ll get:

  • An exclusive button identifying you as a “JTT” (specially designed by my wonderful hubby).
  • Special introductory gift from me-yay! Who doesn’t like getting cool stuff!
  • Special prizes and giveaways available only to members! I like giving stuff away 🙂
  • SWAG! Bookmarks, t-shirts, dogtags, magnets, soaps, pens, totes, lip gloss, and other goodies!
  • Signed books when available.
  • Opportunities to name a character in my book!
  • My humble gratitude, thanks and appreciation because you are awesome!
  • An invite to my Facebook Street Team page where you can connect with all the other JTT’s! This is where we will meet, chat, and take care of business 🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you’ve decided to join my Street Team! I’d love to send you a special introductory gift and your button that says you’re a member of Jennifer’s Tactical Team!

If you want to become one of Jennifer’s Tactical Team members click HERE

And welcome to my Tactical Team!

All my best,