Family Traditions

Family Traditions

Hello fans and readers! As the holidays draw near and pass I am feeling a bit nostalgic. Every year I spend hours baking Christmas cookies, making my homemade cocoa and candies. I love it. My freezer fills up with festive treats and my family looks forward to baskets of goodies. I have my favorite recipes we look forward to every year. Sometimes I try new recipes–that doesn’t always work out, lol.

This year, I added some of my families favorite recipes in my holiday novella, Christmas with the Conroys. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, please do! I hope you enjoy reading about the Conroy family and try the recipes included. Let me know what you think!

So, how about you all? Do you have family traditions? Recipes you make every year? I’d love to hear form you so feel free to drop me a line and share!

Happy Holiday,

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Oh! The cover my wonderful hubby designed for Christmas with the Conroys has been selected to partake in AllAuthor’s monthly ‘Cover of The Month’ contest for December–yay! It’s my first time ever being in a contest! I could really use some votes if you have a second to hop on over! Please and thank you!! The link is below:

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