ATCOM (Anti-Terrorist Covert Operative Missions)
Heroes of ATCOM
Noah ‘The Rock’ Kincaid: Former Navy SEAL, now ATCOMs’ lead instructor and best operative. Known for his ability to remain calm in any situation, he never loses control. Never raises his voice to be heard. Nothing shakes this man. They don’t call him ‘The Rock’ for nothing. Well, until he meets first female operative, Attie Devayne.
Height: 6’4″
Hair: Black
Eyes: Sky blue
Occupation: ATCOM operative/Former Navy SEAL

Brendan ‘Indiana’ Devayne: Former Navy pilot, he lives for adventure and walks a fine line between wild and dangerous. As ATCOMs’ pilot he gives the team the ride of their life on every mission. The higher the stakes, the higher the rush. He treats his women much the same and what a ride. Settling down is so not in his future plans.
Height: 6’4″
Hair: Dark, wavy
Eyes: Emerald green
Occupation: ATCOM operative/Pilot

Gabe ‘St. Gabriel’ MacKenzie: Former Army Ranger, and rancher from Wyoming, he earned his nickname as peacekeeper. He puts people at ease and tends to soothe troubled waters. His warm smile can calm even the hardest of souls. But, it also hides his own heartache and sorrow.
Height: 6’2″
Hair: Deep, rich brown
Eyes: Dark, midnight blue
Occupation: ATCOM operative/Former Army Ranger

Rogan ‘Adonis’ St. Klare: Former FBI and completely deserving of his nickname. They can’t go anywhere without women tucking their number in the pocket of his God-awful Hawaiian shirts none of the guys can understand. But, when you live on a private, tropical island you wear what’s appropriate.
Height: 6’0″
Hair: Brown with natural highlights
Eyes: Ocean blue
Occupation: ATCOM operative/Former FBI

Kyle ‘Iron Man’ Brandt: Former Delta Force, he gives tall, dark and brooding a new name. His dark eyes give the impression he’d just as soon break you as talk to you. He’s unsmiling, dangerous and a genius with explosives.
Height: 6’3″
Hair: Jet black
Eyes: Dark
Occupation: ATCOM operative/Former Navy SEAL

Colin ‘Braveheart’ Macgregor: Former SAS with a sexy Scottish brogue and an uncanny sixth sense that has saved his arse more than once. His mother claims he has ‘the second sight’ like his ancestors, but he’s close-mouthed about it and the guys don’t ask. They just trust him when he tells them to ‘duck.’ And there is no one else they want watching their six.
Height: 6’4″
Hair: Longer, wavy dark
Eyes: Sparkling blue
Occupation: ATCOM operative/Former SAS

Jericho ‘Nine’ West: Former DEA, rough around the edges with tattoos, biker boots, a diamond stud in his left ear and icy blue eyes that have seen too much. His years undercover made him dangerous and the man you want with you, not against you.
Height: 6’2″
Hair: Dark
Eyes: Ice blue
Occupation: ATCOM operative/Former DEA

Tyler ‘Longshot’ Linx: Former Army sniper. Patient, quiet, and known for his longshot. The team is always more comfortable knowing he’s got them covered.
Height: 6’1″
Hair: Dark
Eyes: Green
Occupation: ATCOM operative/Sniper