Meet the Characters with Hywela Lyn

belovedenemy_w9992_2_850Hello and welcome to my blog for another round of Meet the Characters! Today I am featuring a guest blogger who has graciously agreed to let me do a character interview, which is my favorite kind of interview. Join me in welcoming author, Hywela Lyn, and her characters from Beloved Enemy (Book 3 of the Destiny Trilogy but each book can be read as a standalone). It’s a fantastic science fiction romance with wonderful characters so without further ado here is the interview with Kerry and Cat.

How did you first meet your writer?

Kerry – I slipped into her mind and badgered her to give me a starship, a woman to love – and a purpose! She also gave me a past, which I was not too keen on, and then added insult to injury by demoting me from being the main character in the first book, Starquest, to just playing a secondary role. She made it up to me in the third book Beloved Enemy, though, but only because I tormented her again until she gave in and gave me a starring role in my own story, but even then she did not make it easy for me.”

Did you ever think that your life would end up being in a book?

Cat: Definitely not. In fact before the book Beloved Enemy starts, I was trying my best to keep a low profile and not draw any attention to myself, so the last thing I intended to do was tell my story to an author. However, when she sought me out and told me how the story started, I realized this was my chance to fulfill a vow I had made to wreak my revenge on a certain Kerry Marchant, whom I had been trying to track down for a long time. Of course I didn’t know then how it was all going to end.

Do you infiltrate your writer’s dreams?

Kerry flashes a rare smile: All the time, or so she tells me. I think she sometimes forgets Kerry for Blogger.with chain.jpgthat I really belong in her imagination—and she daydreams about me too! If I did not have such a pragmatic nature, I could easily become conceited!

Are you happy with the genre your writer has placed you in?

Kerry and Cat both nod emphatically. Kerry:  Oh absolutely. I can’t imagine being anywhere but on board the Destiny exploring space, and while I suppose I might have been rather good as the captain of a pirate ship, I enjoy working with artificial intelligence and modern technology so much I could not really imagine being in any other genre than Science Fiction and any other time than the 23rd Century. He casts a sideways glance at Cat. Now I come to think about it, although there was a time when I would never have believed it, I am also rather glad this story is a romance!

Cat: I can’t argue with any of that. I do sometimes think Kerry is a little obsessed with pirates though—he even accused me of being one!

Do you like the way the book ended?

Cat: For me it was perfect. I was beginning to think I would spend my life alone, but it all came right in the end.

Kerry: I agree, although I have to admit I nearly let the ‘happy ever after’ slip through my fingers. I suppose I will now have to forgive my author for everything she put me through until that point!

What is your greatest fear?

Cat shudders: Snakes! Just hearing the word immediately conjures up a picture of the Cat for Blogger 2.jpgreptiles in my mind. I hate them, although I don’t usually fear any living creature. I know it’s irrational, considering some of the weird, and frankly loathsome fauna I’ve come across on various planets, but snakes give me the creeps.

Did you have a pet as a child?  What happened to it?  How did you feel about that?

Cat:  I didn’t have a pet while I was growing up – and I never thought about it until I came across Shifter. Is it all right to talk about the pet I have now? Shifter had been captured to be used for fighting. I don’t agree with animals being used in that way and I fought his owner for him. Now Shifter is my constant companion and I think even Kerry has become fond of him. What sort of animal is he? Well, that’s a good question. He’s certainly of extra-terrestrial origin, and is probably nearer to the big cats of Earth than anything else, although Kerry likes to call him a wolf. He does look rather wolf-like I suppose, but the most amazing thing about him is his ability to blend into the background, something like a chameleon, which is why I called him a ‘chameleopard’. He’s very sweet and gentle around people he knows but Shifter could rip a man’s arm off if the situation warranted it.

What are you proudest of?

Kerry: My starship, the Destiny. When I say ‘my’ starship, I really mean ‘ours’ of course, that is Jon Quinlan and myself. I designed her, and Jon’s money and contacts were what enabled us to build what I believe to be the greatest, and certainly the fastest, starship in the galaxy. Then there is the crew of course. Each and every one of them is important and each has his or her own role to play in the running of the ship, and I’m proud not only of the ship but to be part of the crew who make such a fantastic team, and more than that, are loyal friends. I think any one of us would fight to the death to save the others.

What is your vivid memory of your mother and father?

Kerry: I don’t remember my father at all, I never knew him, and my mother died when I was a small child. I do have a hologram of her though, in a locket that used to belong to her. Sometimes in my sleep, when I was a boy, I used to dream she sang a lullaby to me, but that might just have been my imagination.

Cat puts a hand on his arm. No, my love, you are far too practical to have that sort of imagination. I’m sure that must be a real memory!

Thank you so much for having us with you today, Jennifer. We’ve really enjoyed meeting you and if anyone has any questions, please fire away. We’ll be able to answer them via the holo-cast.

Book blurb:

Cat Kincaid is obsessed with killing the man she believes is responsible for the torture and death of her sister, but when she eventually catches up with him, survival becomes a greater priority than revenge.

Kerry Marchant, haunted by memories, regret, and self-blame, shields himself from the pain of the past by committing himself totally to the starship, Destiny, of which he is part owner. However, the beautiful, red-haired woman who reminds him of his lost love, and who he suspects is working for a corrupt regime, represents a possible threat not only to the ship, but to his heart.

Marooned on an inhospitable planet, they need to work together to stay alive, fighting not only unknown assailants, but their growing attraction. But how can they learn to trust each other when he has vowed never to get close to a woman again, and she made a solemn pledge to destroy him?

Book excerpt:

“What about our ‘friends’?” He turned his head and looked in the direction of the rocks where the assailants of a few minutes before let loose the last salvo of blaster fire.

She put the tri-dee-viewer to her eyes again and scanned the area. “There’s no sign of life over there.

They must all be dead or badly injured. They’d have shot at us again if they were still capable.”

“Unless they are waiting for us to show ourselves, so they can pick us off more easily,” Kerry said.

He made as if to stand, and in an instant, she drew her pistol.

“Like I said before, no sudden moves. Get up—slowly.”

“So you are making me a prisoner?”

“Not exactly, but I’m not stupid enough to take any risks.”

He rose to his feet, his gaze not leaving her gunhand. Several inches taller than her, broad shouldered and slim, he presented a commanding figure. His

expression froze as his gaze homed in on the insignia on her breast pocket, his eyes like chips of blue ice.

“You work for the Union.”

“I work for myself.”

“Then why are you wearing the insignia of the Global Union of Earth and Allied Planets?”

“I have a license to requisition any enemy ship trespassing in the sectors of space over which they hold dominion.”

“A licensed pirate in the pay of the Global Union,” Kerry’s eyes showed outright contempt. She almost preferred the icy coolness.

“I prefer to think of myself as a freelancer—doing a service.”

His expression did not change, although he did change tack. “You could have left me to die—or just shot me. Why didn’t you?”

“Call it a personality flaw. I don’t like abandoning someone who’s wounded even to save my own skin. And I don’t kill in cold blood. If I have to shoot someone, I’d rather they were facing me with their eyes open.” Even if I did swear to leave their dead body for the Union to use in their hideous experiments. Keep it casual. Don’t let him guess what’s really in your mind.

To her amazement, he smiled the most devastating smile she’d ever seen, made even more remarkable because he didn’t look as if he did it very often.

“My own philosophy as it happens.” His eyes narrowed. “It seems almost a pity we are on opposite sides.”

“Opposite sides?” How much did he guess?

“I have no love for the Alliance. That puts us on opposite sides, even if you are a pirate.”

She gave him her most withering look. “Fine. And just because I decided to save your neck, don’t get any ideas. We don’t have to like each other.”

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Meet Hywela:me-dec-2016

Hywela Lyn lives in a small English village with her husband Dave, although she was born in rural Wales where she spent her childhood and most of her adult life. The rugged Welsh landscapes inspired much of her writing.

She is published by The Wild Rose Press and and her latest novel is Beloved Enemy, the third of a Science Fiction Romance Trilogy The Destiny Trilogy. 

Although most her writing tends to be futuristic, the worlds she creates are usually untainted by crowded cities and technology, embracing the beauty and wildness of nature. Her characters often have to fight the elements and the terrain itself. Her heroes are strong and courageous, but chivalrous and honourable – and of course, handsome and hunky. Her heroines are also strong and courageous, but still retain their femininity! However difficult the journey, love will always win in the end. She is a member of The Romantic Novelists’ Association (UK)  and Chiltern Writers, her local writing group.

A keen animal lover, she has two horses, a ‘feral’ stable cat, and a rescued terrier, who manages to twist her round his little paw. When she is not writing, she can usually be found enjoying the outdoors with the horses and dog, reading – or just eating chocolate!

Five fun facts about Hywela Lyn:

1.  Hywela Lyn are her real first two names. She has always been called ‘Lyn’ and decided it

was time her Welsh/Celtic name ‘Hywela’ got an airing!

2.  She completed the arduous Red Dragon Long Distance horse ride in Wales.

3.  She used to enjoy oil painting but gave it up to write.

4.  The planet Niflheim, featured in the first two books of the Destiny Trilogy, was

inspired by seeing the snow sweeping in like a pink mist across the Welsh

Mountains just before sunset

5. The name ‘Hywela’ means ‘Eminent’

Connect with Hywela:


Amazon Author Page:


Facebook Author Page:




What is your favourite mythical or fictional animal in Fantasy or Science Ficiton? I’d like to give a download of the first book in the Destiny Trilogy, ‘Starquest’, to a random commentor. Good luck!

Thank you for joining us today! I hope you enjoyed this round of Meet the Characters and will join us again next week!



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    1. Thank you Melissa, how kind of you to say so. (Sometimes one just has to take over from one’s author – who, by the way, is too shy to mention that Beloved Enemy has been shortlisted for the Romantic Novelists Association Award for 2017 – with a lot of help from Cat and myself of course!)

  1. What a GREAT interview….Love your characters and it’s so nice to find out more about you too!
    Good luck and God’s blessings

    1. Hi Stanalri. thank you for visiting, and for your kind comment, glad you enjoyed the interview – and yes, he really does infiltrate my dreams (but don’t tell my hubby 🙂 )

  2. Thanks again for hosting me, Kerry and Cat, Jennifer.

    I’ve drawn the winner of my download who is……Drumroooolll


    Congratulations Sandra, I’ll be writing to you shortly!

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