Meet the Characters with Georgia Lyn Hunter

EchoMine2 copyHello and welcome to my blog for another round of Meet the Characters! Today I am featuring a guest blogger who has graciously agreed to let me do a character interview, which is my favorite kind of interview. Join me in welcoming author, Georgia Lyn Hunter, and her characters from Echo, Mine (Fallen Guardians series). It’s a fantastic paranormal romance with wonderful characters so without further ado here is the interview with Echo and Aethan.

How did you first meet your writer?

Echo: You take this Aethan, I did one—another interview yesterday when you were training.

He glances at her: All right. A year ago, my writer popped in when I was on the hunt for a female linked to a prophecy.

Did you ever think that your life would end up being in a book?

Aethan: No. As Guardians we stay under the radar of humans, but my writer somehow sniffed us out.

What are your favorite scenes in your book: the action or the romance?

Aethan: The fight scenes. Those are good…

Echo: Is that all?

He smiles: …the romance. Yeah, any time with Echo is the best.

What do you like to do when you are not being actively read somewhere?

Aethan: Train. Unless Echo wants to watch one of her movies, so yeah, I have to do that—

Echo narrows her eyes at him: You don’t like my movies?

He smiles: Well, if you put on an action one, that would be good.

Echo: Why—why? When you practically live that life every night!

Aethan deadpan: Right. We’ll watch more romance.

Are you happy with the genre your writer has placed you in?

Aethan: Being who I am, yeah. (He’s an Empyrean angel)

If you could rewrite anything in your book, what would it be?

Aethan: In this novella…it had a few moments I didn’t care for, but it all ends well.

Do you like the way the book ended?

Aethan cuts Echo a heated stare: Yeah.

What is your least favorite characteristic your writer has attributed to you?

Echo: Let me take this. *smirks* His will of intractable stubbornness.

Aethan: They both mean the same thing, you know.

Echo: Yes, that’s how difficult you can be.

He laughs.

Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo, what would it be and where? If not, what if you had to?

Aethan: No, I never thought about it, until I pleged my oath as a Guardian, the tattooed weapon was a part of that deal—it becomes sentient when evil is around.

What do you think your greatest weakness is?

Aethan: Not what, but who—Echo. She’s my life.


After a horrifying incident that left her in a coma for several long months, Echo now has to get used to a different life. As a descendant of a powerful angel, her days waver between training as the new Healer and convincing her mate she’s strong enough to match him in life and in bed.

A surprise date night gives her the perfect opportunity to do both. But plans have a way of coming unraveled. One disaster leads to another, and Echo accepts that nothing in their lives will ever be normal.

But the biggest revelation of the night comes after she kills a dangerous, soul-sucking demon. Sparks fly between her and her mate, proving that normal is most definitely overrated.


Was he daring her?

Echo bit back her own smile. God, she loved this teasing side of him. She hadn’t realized just how much she’d missed it.

Well, then. She sprinted back, jumped him, and he lost his balance on the soft sand, falling flat on his back with her on top. She had a feeling he’d let her take him down. Whatever. As long as she had him right where she wanted. She sat up, straddling him.

“You cut your hair,” he said, fingering her long wispy bangs.

She played with a button on his shirt. “Do you like it?”

“Always. It is the messiest style ever—” She snorted, he smiled. “But you, my mate, carry it off with flair.” His tone lowered. “Godsdamn, you’re so beautiful…” His hands skimmed from her waist down to the expanse of her thighs, touching her naked skin where her short skirt had ridden up. His gray eyes drifted up her body to linger on her mouth. “And in my favorite position, too. Everything I want is close to my mouth, my hands…”

Her heart knocked hard against her ribs. His nearness stirred an ache within her only he could ease, but she pushed it aside for now. She had to talk to him first. “Here on the beach? Nuh-uh, I don’t think so—”

“Scared?” His smile was pure temptation.

“Hardly.” She sniffed. The fact that he’d even dare suggest this and hope soared—heck, maybe it was the strawberries or the stupid haircut after all. “I refuse to have sand in places where there shouldn’t be any, not when the night’s still young and we have places to go—”

Aethan grasped her by the neck and pulled her down to him and kissed her, his tongue tracing the seams of her lips. Just a touch from him and she lit up like tinder. Her mouth parted. His tongue slipped inside, stroking and sucking hers. He was kissing her as if he were starving.

Her heart pounded hard, all thoughts fleeing her mind. She squirmed, wanting to get closer, wanting to feel his skin sliding against hers. She kissed him back, just as desperately.

His hand slid inside her top, beneath her bra and her breath hitched when he rolled her nipple. A light flow of his power zipped through her body, amping up her arousal.

She pulled her mouth from his, panting for breath.

“You were saying?” he murmured, a knowing gleam lighting his eyes.

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Meet Georgia: GHL

I’ve been creating stories from the moment I could string two words together. No matter the tale, it always has romance woven through them. Yes, I’m a hopeless romantic.

When I’m not writing or plotting new books, I like to read, travel, paint, or troll flea markets where I usually buy things I might never actually use because they’re so pretty—who can resist those displays.

After working in a few jobs (all art related), a chosen career as a fashion designer, then an art teacher, I finally found my passion nearly five years ago: writing. There really is no other job I’d rather do.

Oh, and I hail from the beautiful country of South Africa, and currently live in the Middle East.

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As s special treat, Georgia is giving away e-book copy of Echo, Mine to one lucky commenter. So be sure to include your EMAIL so Georgia can contact you if you win. (Email will not be used for spam or any other purpose other than to notify the winner).

Thank you for joining us today! I hope you enjoyed this round of Meet the Characters and will join us again next week!


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