Meet the Characters with Jordyn Meryl

Jordyn Meryl coverHello and welcome to my blog for another round of Meet the Characters! Today I am featuring a guest blogger who has graciously agreed to let me do a character interview, which is my favorite kind of interview. Join me in welcoming author, Jordyn Meryl, and her characters from Becca’s Dance. It’s a fantastic contemporary romance with wonderful characters so without further ado here is the interview with Clay and Becca.

How did you first meet your writer?

CLAY: I came to her in a dream.

BECCA: Clay pulled me into her dreams.

Did you have a hard time convincing your author to write any particular scenes for you?

CLAY: To think like a man when I made love to Victoria. It was just sex, but Jordyn is a romantic and she had a hard time feeling it.

BECCA: No, Jordyn understood my soul. Each scene she wrote was from the heart.

Are you happy with the genre your writer has placed you in?

CLAY: Yes, ours is a romantic story of a first love that never died.

BECCA: Yes, Jordyn likes to write a good love story and this is one.

Do you like the way the book ended?

CLAY: Yes.

BECCA: Oh, yes.

Would you be interested in a sequel, if your writer was so inclined?

CLAY: I would. There are interesting people that live at Lester Lake. Each has a story.

BECCA: Yes, Jordyn needs to write Tilley and Jeffery’s story.

Do have any secret aspirations that your author doesn’t know about?

CLAY: Nothing is a secret from Jordyn.

BECCA: Jordyn pretty much knows everything about me, including my secrets. That’s why she brought me back to Lester Lake.

What is your greatest fear?

CLAY: That if I love Becca again my heart with be broken.

BECCA: To lose someone I love.

What do you wear when you go to sleep?

CLAY: Nothing.

BECCA: Boxers and tanks in the summer, pj bottoms and tee shirts during the winter. I prefer nothing when I sleep with Clay. I love the feel of our skins touching.

What is your most prized possession?

CLAY: My truck

BECCA: Aunt Tilley’s art.

Who was your first girlfriend/boyfriend and what do you like most about them?

CLAY: Becca, she was the love of my life. Her spunky and creative mine. Course her hot body didn’t hurt.

BECCA: Clay was my first true love. When I looked pass his hotness, he was smart, funny, caring man.

What do you think your greatest weakness is?

CLAY: Loving Becca.

BECCA: I have a habit of choosing the easy way out.

What do you think is your strongest attribute?

CLAY: I stay rooted at Lester Lake.

BECCA: I really do have spunk!

What embarrasses you?

CLAY: That everyone in Lester County knows Becca is back. They are waiting to see us get back together.

BECCA: Being caught by surprise and having no control over what’s happening.

What do you find most appealing in women/men?

CLAY: Strong women with a sexiness that glows from within.

BECCA: Men who realize a women’s worth.

What do you like most about where you live?

CLAY: The community of Lester Lake is home. I never wanted to leave.

BECCA: Lester Lake is a great place. Full of friends and good memories.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy Sunday?

CLAY: Lay in bed with Becca.

BECCA: Hang in the art studio and paint.

What is your vivid memory of your mother and father?

CLAY: Dad and I sitting in a fishing boat on Lester Lake, Mom packed us plenty of food and we stayed all day.

BECCA: The coolness between them in private. In public my mom acted completely different.

What word makes you the happiest?



What is your least favorite word?

CLAY: Good-bye.

BECCA: Control. I am not a control freak. I just like everything to be in its place.

What turns you on?

CLAY: The woman I love.

BECCA: Soft music, flowers, wine and the familiar smell of the man I love.

What turns you off?

CLAY: My ex-wife

BECCA: Phony friends.

What sound or noise do you love?

CLAY: The sound of the lake hitting the rocks on the shore. I laid there for hours and thought of Becca.

BECCA: The sound of rain against the windows.

What sound or noise do you hate?

CLAY: The sound of wheels on a gravel road driving away from me.

BECCA: The chatter of mindless people.

Do you believe in ghosts/evil spirits/mysticism? Would you spend the night in a remote haunted house?

CLAY: Hell no. That is a bunch of nonsense.

BECCA: I would love to spend the night in a haunted house. And I believe Aunt Tilley’s spirit led me back to Lester Lake.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

CLAY: Morning. I watch the sun rise over the lake every morning with my first cup of coffee.

BECCA: I love the dark of night. The mystical time as the day fades away.

Would you ever use a voodoo doll to hurt anyone?

CLAY: What’s a voodoo doll?

BECCA: No. I don’t want anyone in pain.

What is your most favorite memory?

CLAY: The first time I made love to Becca.

BECCA: “That summer” with Clay.

If you knew a zombie apocalypse was coming in one week, what would you do?

CLAY: A what?

BECCA: Wait for it!

Have you ever gone alone to either dinner or a movie? What about a vacation?

CLAY: Yes. I found going on safari or deep sea fishing was best alone.

BECCA: Many times I have sat in a dark movie and cried over my empty life. Jon never let me travel alone even though he did.

What’s your favorite animal?



What’s the worst/weirdest thing you did as a kid?

CLAY: Got drunk with Martin, Sparky and Robby when we were about ten and threw up for two days.

BECCA: I went to the graveyard with some kids and told ghost stories. Scared the hell out of all of us.


The journey of life is not about the path traveled, it’s about the dance.

Remember your first love? The itching in your palms to touch that person, the churning sensation of your stomach when you kiss, or the promise of forever love? A summer romance had all the possibilities for Becca and Clay. But a tragic accident killing two of their friends, sent Becca running away to build a sheltered life, protected from pain. Clay tried to drown his pain in booze and other women, but failed. Each picked mates for reasons other than love.

Twenty years later their paths cross as Becca tries to escape from the shame of a divorce, and Clay is living life as a single father to six grown boys.

In the small community of Lester Lake, love, fate and star-crossed lovers work towards rekindling a first and only true love.


 “Just grab the knot on the rope, push off with your feet. When the rope stops to swing back, let go.” Robby patiently explained to Becca.

Becca stood on the edge of a rock cliff at what seemed like miles above the mocking lake.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” She glared at Robby.

Strong, young muscular arms reached around her, taking her hands in his, placing both sets on the rope knot, his on top.

His voice vibrated in her ear. “Just hold on.”

With those words, she soared across the lake with Clay’s firm body plastered against hers. At the point the rope hesitated to swing back, Clay pried her hands from the knot, plunging her down. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, holding it. His fingers intertwined in hers as they hit the water together. Like a bullet, she shot downward, the water covering her head. His hands released her as her body spun like a swirling top. Her eyes still closed, she felt hands around her waist stopping her motion. Upward the two bodies floated to break the water at the same time.

Becca took a deep gulp of air. Opening her eyes, face to face with a smiling Clay, her hands rested on his broad shoulders, his hands on her waist. Treading water together, she couldn’t help but let a large gush of laughter escape. Clay joined her, pulling her into him. Hugging his neck, fully aware of their bodies intimately melting together, she let the water pull them apart and looked into his eyes. But his eyes were looking down.

“I think your suit got twisted.” A wicked smile played around his mouth.

Jerking her head down she saw while not exposed, her swimsuit top revealed most of her right boob. Releasing Clay’s neck, she adjusted her top as he held her, watching with a spark of amusement flashing in his smile. When she felt everything back in the proper place, she looked up at him, narrowed her eyes.

“Enjoying the view?” She admonished him.

His sexy smile always knocked her in the stomach. “Yes, I certainly am.”

With no warning, he licked the water from her neck. Smacking his lips, she felt delightful sensations rising. Wiggling out of his embrace she started swimming for the beach. She could hear the water splashing behind her. He never overtook her, although she knew as a strong swimmer, he could at any moment.

When she figured her feet could touch the bottom, she stood, marched up the beach to her blanket. Grabbing her beach towel she plopped down, glared at Clay finishing his walk towards her. Reaching her he stood dripping wet, water glistening off his golden tan torso. With the sun behind him, she could barely see his face, but his electric blue eyes flashed wickedness.

“Want to go again?” The challenge spiked his tone.

While his offer was tempting, her awareness of her body still trembling from the strong feelings his touch produced in her prevented her from accepting.

“Later. I want to get some sun.” She laid back, closed her eyes, gripping the blanket at her sides to ease her shaking.

“Okay, later then.” He stepped over her head, leaving drops of water in his wake. She forced herself not to turn her head to watch his beautiful tight ass walk away.

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Meet Jordyn:Jordyn Meryl pic

Once living under the guise of a passive, quiet, school librarian, books and kids were the passions which kept her mind fresh.  One day she decided to spread her wings and live the dream of her heart. Sitting in front of her computer, her fingers bring to life the voices in her head. But it is when the night muses visit Jordyn, her spirit rises up to wrap around the stories that float in her dreams.  Land locked in the mid-west she envisions days on a white sandy beach with a laptop to write all her tales.  Crossing many genres she spins chronicles of romance, paranormal and fantasy, for they are stories worth telling, even at the risk of revealing true feelings.

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Thank you for joining us today! I hope you enjoyed this round of Meet the Characters and will join us again next week!




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  1. I have to agree – simply gorgeous cover – love how the colors blend. Thanks for the character interview – this is the first time I’ve heard of “Becca’s Dance” and it sounds good!

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