Meet the Characters with Elaine Calloway

Elaine Calloway coverHello and welcome to my blog for another round of Meet the Characters!  Today I am featuring a guest blogger who has graciously agreed to let me do a character interview, which is my favorite kind of interview. Join me in welcoming author, Elaine Calloway, and her characters from Earthbound. It’s a fantastic romance with wonderful characters so without further ado here is the interview with Terran, Kelly, and Sadie.

EARTHBOUND released on Jan 30. How did you come to be in the third Elemental book?

Terran: Actually, I’ve been in all the Elemental books.  *smiles with pride* I helped my Water and Fire Elemental colleagues with their strategies and battles. And that’s cool. I like being the guy everyone goes to for help. But, Earthbound is my story.

Sadie: You mean our story, silly. Even though I wasn’t in the previous books, I do belong in this one. *bats her long black lashes*

Kelly: Some of us belong more than others. *gives Sadie a dirty look* I’m the one who met our writer first, but somehow this story began to include a love triangle.

Terran (wipes sweat off brow): Yeah. That situation got dicey at times. You’re a brave interviewer for letting us all be in the same room.

A love triangle, eh? How did that happen?

Terran: Our author loves to torture us! Believe me, there were moments when I wasn’t sure if we would get out alive. The Acobi Fallen Angels have kicked up their evil antics by a factor of ten thousand, and then with these two women….

Kelly: You’re the one who liked two women at one time, hippie boy. In most romances, it’s one hero and one heroine. But, as he said, our writer wanted to torment us. And so the story becomes filled with plot twists. Mr. Motorcycle is right, though. Our author does like to torture us!

Hippie boy?

Terran (grinning): Yeah. I’m an Earth Elemental, save the planet and all those things. My hair is in a ponytail. I recycle. I do volunteer work at the Sierra Club. Somehow, Kelly thinks it’s cute to call me Hippie Boy. But to correct one thing, I’m not in some motorcycle gang. I drive a Ducati. Alone. The whole point of riding is to hit the open road alone.

Sadie: I think someone who rides a motorcycle is exciting.

Kelly: But you think anything dangerous is exciting. And you often get him into trouble. He gets hurt.

*Both women scowl at each other*

Terran: Why don’t we move this interview along?

Sure. Why don’t you tell me what it’s like, being an Elemental but unable to tell anyone?

Terran: Ah, yes. Our writer decided to pull out all the punches on that rule. Granted, most humans don’t react well to someone who is supernatural. At least, in reality they don’t. They want to take something they don’t understand and lock it away. Study it. Keep it in a laboratory like some rat. I understand, I do. Our writer didn’t want us to have that fate, so she created the one tricky rule: no letting humans know our Elemental powers, unless the situation is dire.

Ladies, what attracted you both to Terran?

Kelly: Well….

Sadie: Oh, please. You went first on the last question. Let me go first on this. Fair is fair.

Kelly: Fine. *smoothes hair and forces her mouth into a tight line*

Sadie: I like a man who isn’t Mr. Corporate. Terran is rugged, handsome, and sexy. And he looks really hot on that Ducati.

Kelly: What my superficial acquaintance is trying to say is, Terran is a good guy. Beyond his good looks. He’s the kind of guy who will stop on the highway to help someone in need. He and I may argue on the basics, but he believes in his convictions. I admire that.

Sadie: Exactly. What I said.

I see. So, last question. Earthbound is part of a series. Should readers first read books 1 and 2 before reading your story?

Terran: It’s up to the person. I think my story stands alone *stands proud*

Kelly: Our story is a tale all its own, that’s for certain.

Terran: I appear in Water’s Blood, Book One. I help my co-Elemental Brooke save her daughter. I also appear in Raging Fire, Book Two. *shakes head* That Phoenix is always in trouble, but that’s why I’m here. My story could be read first, it could be read in order. Whatever the reader wants.

Well, thanks for being here today, and we hope the readers enjoy Earthbound!


Some say history repeats itself, but for Terran, an Earth Elemental, history has returned and slapped him in the face. Along the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon, the Acobi Fallen Angels have decided to go underground–literally. Resurrecting an ancient legend, the evil Acobi are trapping underage girls and shanghaiing innocent humans into slavery. Terran must stop the Acobi and keep the public away from the Shanghai tunnels, all while keeping his supernatural powers hidden.

Kelly Habersham, overachieving real estate developer, has finally convinced her father and brothers to give her the Portland condo project, which would require extensive construction near the tunnels. Determined to impress her father and make a name for herself in the family business, she is not about to let a Save-the-Earth guy get in her way.

Terran and Kelly must work together and come to a truce–or they may be the next victims.


Terran crept toward Portland’s Waterfront, following the blonde waif who couldn’t be more than sixteen. When she stepped into the glow from the street light, she appeared even younger. Her eyes gave her away—big, brown, and exuding self-doubt.

Like many young humans, her wardrobe was intended to make her look mature beyond her years. She wore a tight, short skirt that hugged her thighs. The skimpy pink blouse barely contained her well-endowed form as she clacked along the pavement in spiked heels.

Not the best outfit to wear when walking downtown—alone—at two in the morning.

Terran frowned. The young often made risky choices. He kept his distance, remaining on full alert. This was his mission. Part of the job.  Elementals like him had protected the innocent for centuries, living amongst humanity without revealing their supernatural powers. His kind warred against the many Fallen Angels, who would gladly reap every soul in their path.

The teen ambled past red brick coffeehouses, glitzy hotels, and finally through the trees of Waterfront Park. Ah, good. As an Earth Elemental, he had a communion with trees, soil, and anything earthen. What nature told him, if the erect hairs at the base of his ponytail were any indication, was one loud and solitary word: Danger.

He clenched his fists, ready to fight whatever force might attack her. Even though he hadn’t seen or heard from the Acobi Fallen Angels in recent weeks—a worrisome fact—he remained ready to defend those humans who might need his help.

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Meet Elaine:Elaine Calloway pic

Elaine Calloway writes paranormal/fantasy tales with romantic elements. She is currently writing the Elemental Clan Series, about nature’s four elements–water, fire, earth, and wind–and their battle to save innocent souls from the evil Fallen Angel packs. Books 1, 2, and 3 (Water’s Blood, Raging Fire, and Earthbound) are available now. Book 4 (Windstorm) is scheduled for release mid-2014. Originally from New Orleans (she can still do a decent Cajun accent upon request), she grew up with fresh seafood, a love of old steeples, cemeteries and architecture, and exposure to a melting pot of people.

For more info, visit her Web site at

Learn more about the Elemental Clan Series:

Thank you for joining us today! I hope you enjoyed this round of Meet the Characters and will join us again next week!






14 thoughts on “Meet the Characters with Elaine Calloway

      1. Jennifer, you do the best character interviews. I tend to fight with characters…at least mine.

        Elaine, I didn’t like you excerpt, but only because it ended. I wanted it to continue a bit longer…like maybe to the end of the book. Now I have to go buy the book. But I’ve no choice, you write in the manner I wish to read.

      2. Thanks Liza! I smiled wide when I read your comment! I hope you enjoy! It’s book 3 in the series but they are pretty much stand-alone. I have a few reminders in each book to keep the reader informed 🙂


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