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Hello and welcome to the Home for the Holidays Blog Hop! I’m so happy you stopped by! This is my favorite time of the year and I have one of my families’ favorite cookie recipes to share with you. This recipe is perfect for Thanksgiving or for your cookie swap party at Christmas! And afterward I hope you enjoy a quick blurb and excerpt from a couple of my books 🙂 I added buy links in case you’d like to start your Christmas shopping early!

Pecan Pie Cookies


1 c brown sugar

¾ c butter, softened

1 eggIMAG0003

1 tsp. vanilla

 2 c flour

1 tsp. baking powder


1 c pecan chips

½ c brown sugar

¼ c heavy cream

1 tsp. almond extract

-combine all cookie ingredients EXCEPT flour and baking powder in a large bowl.

-beat on medium until creamy. Reduce speed to low and add flour and baking powder. Beat until well mixed.

-shape dough into 1 ¼” balls. Place 2” apart on cookie sheets. Make an indentation in each cookie with thumb or rounded part of a melon baller to hollow out slightly.

-combine filling ingredients in small bowl; fill each cookie with 1 tsp. filling

-bake 8-12 minutes at 350 degrees

-cool 1 minutes before removing to wire racks


Hard CoreBlurb:

Tag: He takes lives. She saves them.

A supposedly hassle-free job for mercenary Cristian Slade becomes a mission of mercy when he saves a life instead of taking one. Slade’s new mission might be his most dangerous yet, because the danger is to his heart.

Tragedy has sent esteemed surgeon Alana O’Grady to a remote a remote Nicaraguan island where she immerses herself in the lives of a native American tribe, using her talents for goodwill instead of wealth and prestige. But life turns upside down when her work requires she protect a rugged mercenary who commands her attention when she’s awake and dominates her dreams while she sleeps.

Doctoring Cristian puts her entire tribe in danger from the man who’s hunting him. Is it her professional oath or her unprofessional attraction to him keeping her from sending him away to heal on his own? Alana’s fire warms Cristian’s heart, but he’s a hardened assassin and has no business falling for someone like her. Can they fight hard enough to keep what they might have together?

Content Warning: Sexual content.


Copyright 2012, Jennifer Lowery

All rights reserved, Lyrical Press, Inc.

Prepared to start an IV, she picked up a needle. She had it in position when his other arm shot out and he clamped her wrist in a bone-crushing grip. Startled, she met his panicked gaze.

“I said no needles.”

Her heart banged against her ribcage as she let the needle slip out of her hand. It hit the floor with a small ting. Alana opened her hands in surrender, her patient’s fingers digging into her flesh. For a man half-dead, he had amazing strength.

“Okay,” she said to placate him. “Relax, I don’t have it anymore. It’s your choice, but I recommend you let me start an IV for meds.”

“No. Just fix me.”

Alana pinned him with a no nonsense stare. “I’m not impressed with Superman heroics.”

Face pale and drawn, he said gruffly, “I’m not Superman. Learned not to trust people with needles.”

Her fingers were going numb. “If I remove the bullet without pain medication or anesthetic, you’re going to be sorry.”

He studied her. “You’re really a doctor?”

Alana bristled. “Technically, yes.”


She didn’t have time to explain herself with the amount of blood seeping from his gunshot wound. “I went to med school. You can let go of my arm now. I won’t use any needles.”

He looked down and immediately released his grip. She rubbed her wrist to soothe away the ache. “Can I get to work now, or do you want to question me more about my credentials while you bleed to death? I don’t have a blood bank, so you’re screwed if you lose too much.”

Her blunt statement received a curt nod. She normally didn’t talk to her patients like that. Her patients didn’t normally countermand her either.

“Do it,” he said.

“Without anesthetics?”

“I don’t need them. Just get it over with.”

Stubborn, stupid, or both? Insane, yes, but there wasn’t time to argue with him.

“Okay. The offer stands if you change your mind.”

“I won’t.”

She doubted that, but didn’t comment. Instead, wiped her forehead with her forearm, and picked up gauze pads to clean the wound.

“Here goes,” she warned and dabbed his skin.

Her patient didn’t move or even wince as she cleaned the angry wound. Either he had a will of steel or he’d passed out again. Hopefully, the latter. Sweat rolled down her back as she finished cleansing the area around the bullet entry. Red flesh puckered with the first signs of infection. In this environment infection was guaranteed.

With a steady hand that would have made her father proud, she picked up her instruments and took a deep breath.

“You still with me?”

He murmured a response, turning his head slightly so he could see her. The stark beauty of his profile, despite the bruises, struck her again. The lines of his face were chiseled, unforgiving. The kind of man she’d glance at twice if she passed him on the street.

A man associated with a criminal.

“Still here, Doc. What are you waiting for?” Husky with pain, his deep voice brought her out of her thoughts.

She gave herself a mental shake. “Want something to bite down on?”

A small, wry smile touched his lips and his lids closed. “You won’t hear a peep out of me. Just fix me, Doc.”

“I can hit you so you’ll sleep through it,” she muttered.

That drew a low chuckle from him. She didn’t expect him to have a sense of humor. He seemed too…hard. His chuckle turned into a grunt of pain. “You probably hit like a girl.”

Alana grinned. “Yes, I do. Rest assured it won’t feel like it.”

“Appreciate the offer, but, no.” His words slurred together, his muscles tense as he fought his body’s demands.

“You got a name, Superman?”

His head rolled to the side, his chest rose and fell slowly. She thought he was out but he murmured, “Cristian.”

“Nice to meet you, Cristian.”

Then she dug into the wound for the bullet.

This is what people are saying about Hard Core:

Action, suspense, romance and characters you will immediately fall in love with… ~Brande, Book Junkie on Hard Core

Pulling readers in from the first page, the fiery relationship between Cristian and Alana plays counterpoint to their worthy adversary Gavin in this fast-paced read. Lowery’s exciting supporting characters beg for their own stories.

~RT Book Reviews on Hard Core

Contemporary romance fans who like a little tense action and melodrama in their love stories will find that this one fits the bill.

~Publisher’s Weekly on Hard Core

Buy Hard Core:


Barnes & Noble


Blurb:Murphy's Law

Tag: Nowhere to go. No place to hide.

Home is the last place Jon Murphy can go. After being held captive in Tazbekistan, he returns to the States only to find he can’t face his mom and sisters with what he did while he was a prisoner, so he retreats to the mountains.

Widow Sara Sheldon has made a lifetime of mistakes and is now running scared from her husband’s powerful family, who are determined to take her daughter away from her. When her little girl goes missing in the Rockies, Sara enlists the only help she can find: a gruff recluse with tracking skills to admire and a body to covet.

A storm strands Sara and her daughter at Murphy’s cabin, leaving her no choice but to hope her in-laws don’t catch up while she plans where to run next. Murphy resents the invasion of his privacy, but can’t seem to keep his mind–or his hands–off Sara. How can she stand to look at him, with all his scars? He’s not nearly as honorable as she might think…only enough to make sure she’s safe, and then he’ll go back to being alone, the way he should be.

CONTENT WARNING: Sexual content

A Lyrical Press Contemporary Romance


Copyright 2013, Jennifer Lowery

All rights reserved, Lyrical Press, Inc.

Murphy sat at the kitchen table, half in the shadows created by the soft light glowing above the stove, hair tousled from sleep. Naked to the waist. A bottle of amber liquid sat in front of him, an empty glass in his hand. Her gaze landed on his muscled shoulders and trailed across his tanned chest. So much for getting him out of her mind. Now she had the real thing to dream about. Looking at the dark hairs that veed down his chest and disappeared behind the table, she decided he’d been right. He was a dangerous man.

She tore her gaze away from temptation and looked at the granite lines of his face. Beneath the hardness of his expression, something haunting lingered. Drawn, she circled the table to the opposite end.

Murphy met her eyes with coldness that should have sent her running for the safety of her room, but she remained standing in place. He wanted to chase her away. This time she wasn’t running.

“Mind if I join you?” She grabbed a glass and from the cupboard and reached over his shoulder for the bottle.

His hand snaked out and wrapped around hers, preventing her from pouring a drink.

“I mind,” he growled.

“Well, get over it. I need a drink.”

Scowling, he let go of her hand and allowed her to pour a glass for herself. She refilled his glass next, set the bottle on the table, moved to the chair beside him and sat, lifting her glass.

“Cheers.” She brought the glass to her lips. His gaze as she drained the glass made her fight the urge to cough as the fiery liquid burned its way down her throat. Seconds later she felt the familiar warming sensation as it numbed her insides. Her eyes filled with tears. She blinked them away and reached for the bottle.

Murphy held it away from her. “What are you doing?”

“Having a drink. I’m not in the mood for warm milk tonight.”

His eyes darkened and narrowed. “You don’t strike me as the drinking type.”

She wasn’t, but tonight it sounded good. Maybe it would soothe away her problems and make her forget how screwed-up her life was. Talking about Kent earlier had brought back painful memories. She didn’t want to feel that misery anymore.

“Maybe you don’t know my type,” she said.

He studied her closely for a moment before rubbing a hand over his face. “Go back to bed, Sara. Sleep it off.”

“I don’t want to sleep it off. I’m tired of thinking about it.”

Maybe it was the whisky, or his naked chest, or the part of her that had been dormant for six years coming back to life. More than anything she wanted to discover it with Murphy, her strong, scarred hero.

She rose to her feet. He watched warily as she stepped in front of him and positioned herself between him and the table. He leaned back in his chair and sent her a thunderous look.

“You and I are alike in many ways, Murphy,” she said softly. “We’ve both lost pieces of ourselves we can’t ever get back and it has forced us into a life of loneliness and solitude. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being alone.”

He pinned her with a hard glare. “I’m not what you want. Go back to your room before I do something we’ll both regret in the morning.”

His harshly spoken words sent little electrical shocks through her body.

“I’m tired of people telling me what I want.”

This is what people are saying about Murphy’s Law:

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Cindy Gerard, Tara Janzen. or Cherry Adair series. Each of these writers have the same flavor with a secret ingredient in their stories as does Jennifer Lowery. Great story!

 – hmhibbit, Open Book Society on Murphy’s Law

Buy Murphy’s Law:


Barnes & Noble


The Treasure CoverBlurb:

Amelia Sawyer is looking for adventure outside her ordinary life. She hires bush pilot Brody Kern to fly her into the South American jungle, expecting a dashing, debonair version of Indiana Jones, but Amelia butts heads with the brooding, gruff man.

Brody Kern, former Air Force fighter pilot, doesn’t need another Sawyer determined to find the elusive Paraíso.  People had been hurt or killed trying to find the mysterious place, including Amelia’s aunt, but Brody’s business partner has cleaned out their account and taken off with the money. Now Jeremy’s bookie is breathing down Brody’s neck, threatening to break his kneecaps, or worse, if he doesn’t pay his friend’s gambling debts.

As Brody and Amelia hunt down the treasure with every criminal in the area wanting a piece, will it be the adventure of a lifetime—or will it result in heartbreaking betrayal?

Sensuality Level: Sensual


Copyright 2013, Jennifer Lowery

All rights reserved, Crimson Romance.

She looked at Brody, saw something haunted in his eyes and the reality of what happened sank in fully. His chest rose and fell heavily, his fists clenched at his sides.

In effort to reassure him, she reached out a hand. But he didn’t take it. He was frozen in place. In the past.

“Brody,” she said softly. “I’m fine. See?” She held out her shaking hands to show him. “You saved me.”

Her breath hitched when he suddenly pulled her into his arms. The belay system prevented full body contact. Heat from his body radiated into hers as he lowered his head and claimed her lips. Consumed, possessed. All of what he couldn’t say was in that kiss and she understood fully how much she scared him.

His hands moved frantically down her spine to cup her hips and pull her against him.

When the equipment got in the way, he tore his mouth from hers and growled. His eyes blazed down into hers. Still stunned from his kiss, she stared back, unable to speak.

“Tell me to stop,” he demanded, chest heaving beneath his soaked T-shirt as rain sluiced over rock hard muscle.

Buy The Treasure:

Crimson Romance ebooks | Amazon | B&N | iTunes

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  1. Hard Core has been on my WTR list ever since I read the first blurb. Awesome giveaway (and cookie recipe!) and thank you for the entry! 🙂

  2. Okay, you had me at favorite cookie recipe but to then throw in some wonderful books?! And I should know because I’ve read 2 of them and the third is on my TBR list. You’re a wonderful author and thanks for bringing us in the worlds of your characters!

  3. Congrats on all of your great releases, Jennifer! I’m not the best in the kitchen (okay, terrible) but that cookie recipe sounds good. I may give it a try. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!

    maeclair (at) maeclair (dot) com

  4. Love the recipe. My sister makes something like this only she puts the dough in a mini-muffin pan so they turn out like tiny tarts. dmburton72 at gmail dot com

  5. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I like pecan pie so will have to try these cookies. I also like the kinds of books you write. Am anxious to read one.

  6. Another great recipe that I’m sure I would not only enjoy eating but making. I’ve copied the recipe down so I do thank you very much. I also enjoyed the blurbs and excerpts from all the books on this page.I’ve been adding some books to my tbr list for the day I might be able to buy books again. I do love my books and my audio books.
    I want to let you know that I’m extremely thankful for this giveaway. I don’t think I will win but I still appreciate everyone’s kindness and participation in this giveaway.

  7. Great excerpts and recipe! Thanks for sharing them. Thanks for sharing the hop and your giveaway. Wishing you a wonderful and magical holiday season. evamillien at gmail dot com

  8. Pecan pie in a cookie! I’m going to have to make these…because this way I can easily eat pecan pie while reading!

    dancingcelt at gmail dot com

  9. Hi! Great post! Its full of all kinds of teasers and goodies. Im not sure which i want more, one of your books or those delicious looking cookies. Okay, ive decided, ill take one of each! lol Thanks for sharing the recipe and the awesome giveaway! Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Loved the blurbs and recipe (which I will try this year). Thanks for the hop and giveaway, hope you have a wonderful holiday season. koala571 (at) msn (dot) com

  11. Wonderful blurbs! I have a few already on my TBR. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing the recipe also, though I am not a fan of pecans. Lol.
    Happy Holidays!
    trb0917 at gmail dot com

  12. Pecan pie cookies – that sounds like a great way to get the taste without overwhelming yourself! Thanks so much for the recipe, and for being part of the hop 🙂


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