Meet the Characters with Joanne Wadsworth

Joanne coverHello and welcome to my blog for another round of Meet the Characters!  Today I am featuring a guest blogger who has graciously agreed to let me do a character interview, which is my favorite kind of interview. Join me in welcoming author, Joanne Wadsworth, and her characters from Warrior. It’s a fantastic young adult fantasy romance with wonderful characters so without further ado here is the interview with Silas and Hope.

How did you first meet your writer?

Silas: Ah, that’s when Joanne told Faith and Davio’s story during book one of her series. I saw that glint in her eye, and as much as I told her not to write anything more with me in it, apparently Hope needed me. I couldn’t turn her down, not since Hope is my soul-bound mate. I had to step up.

Hope: Aww, too cute, Silas. *nips his nose* I love that you came to my rescue right at the beginning.

What are your favorite scenes in your book: the action, the dialog or the romance?

Hope: My favorite scene would have been when I first met Silas. Here I thought he was a warrior and one of my own people. Those from my country of Dralion certainly revere the mated bond, but we haven’t had a soul-bound match between my people and those from the enemy nation in over forty years. I didn’t think that was even possible, and then Silas proved it was. I still can’t believe he found me, and at our people’s off-world Outback station as well.

Silas: It was more a case of hunting Hope down than finding her. It sure wasn’t easy, although staying with her was even tougher. You see, I hardly needed my mate to be a princess of Dralion, but then that life-threatening skill of hers came in and I couldn’t walk away, no matter how hard I tried. *reaches for Hope and holds her hand*

Did you have a hard time convincing your author to write any particular scenes for you?

Hope: Did I ever. I really wanted to meet my twin sister, only Joanne kept holding me off because I’d been charged with discovering all I could about my unknown mother’s lost heritage. My twin, Faith, was raised on Earth with my mother, while I was raised in Dralion with my father, but both Faith and I hold the deadly skill of mind-merge. So, figuring out where my mother’s people had come from, had to come first. My life and Faith’s depended on it.

Silas: I found that difficult too, having a mate with a skill which could kill. Hope had to merge her mind with mine, and if we were parted without that connection for more than three days, it could lead to her death. We set out on that mission of discovering where her mother had come from together, and that’s where I learnt just how precious the soul-bond was. * Tucks Hope’s hand in close to his chest*

Did either of you infiltrate your writer’s dreams at night?

Silas: All the time. I was in there trying my best to persuade Joanne that my way was best. Yeah, she listened to Hope more than me.

Hope: That’s because I make more sense.

Silas: She still could’ve listened a little.

Do you like the way the book ended?

Silas: Absolutely. Joanne came through for me there in the end. *kisses Hope’s hand*

Would you be interested in a sequel, if your writer was so inclined?

Hope: Well, Joanne’s already written book three in the series. It’s about Silas’s sister, Silvie, and another of Dralion’s warriors, the enchanter Guy Moyer. Silas and I get to return and offer wise advice.

Silas: Advice? Ha. More like we get to be nosy. No warrior is going to find it easy being mated to my sister, although you can catch all that goes down in their story, ENCHANTER, which releases May 2014. It’s a whole lot of fiery fun.

What is your greatest fear?

Silas: Hell, without a doubt, it’s losing Hope. I never, ever want to go down that path.

What do you think is your strongest attribute?

Hope: Having Silas by my side. *frowns* Shoot, I probably shouldn’t have said that with him in hearing distance. That’ll totally go to his head.

Silas: Yeah, but you like my big head. *grins*


To love and protect…across worlds.

Eighteen-year-old Hope Wincrest calls the Outback of Australia her home away from home. She is a princess of Dralion from the planet Magio, where the two leading nations are at war. While in the Outback, Hope is warned by her warrior father–who holds the prophetic ability of forethought–that she is about to meet an enemy protector. She doesn’t expect him to be her soul-bound mate, a man she must now work with to piece together her unknown mother’s lost heritage.

Peacio’s Silas Carver follows the calling of his soul to Australia, only not all goes as planned. Discovering Hope is his mate has him demanding his release from their bond. She agrees, but only if he first helps her learn about her mother.

Hope must lay her life in Silas’s hands during a journey which takes them deep into foreign lands. Waging a battle of the heart, and of the land, can the young mated pair find their place with each other?


Silas extinguished the lamp, and moonlight filtered through the tiny square window. He rolled to his side, facing me. “We’ll stay close. I can’t dismiss the mated bond. Our souls call to one another and it’s strong.”

I felt it too.

“I can’t keep my distance from you, Hope. That would result in your death.”

“Yeah, but yours would result if my grandfather, Donaldo, ever found out about you. The need to protect goes both ways.”

A low growl rumbled from his throat. “It sounds like you’re arguing with me.”

“I’m pointing out the facts. Alexo keeps the knowledge of Faith’s relationship with Loveria a secret.”

“We don’t have their kind of relationship.”

“So this is a non-relationship?” I smiled. That actually suited me.


“Okay, honey. I got it.”

He pulled me to him. “I have no idea why, but I like you. You have a smart mouth.”

I snuggled closer, resting my cheek against his chest. “Mmm-hmm. So do you.”

He let out a slow breath and it fanned over the top of my head. “I still want to kiss you.”

“Hell, no.” I grinned to myself.

“Are you repeating my earlier words?”

“Yes, I am.” He rolled me, coming up over top. My heart raced. “Don’t–”

His kiss was potent as he claimed my mouth.

I had no response. I was lost, hypnotized as we shared breath and a moment more special than any in time.

He cupped my face in his hands and stroked my cheeks, his thoughts escaping for the first time.

I read them so clearly within the merge.

He wanted this moment to last.

My heart soared and my soul called to his on the deepest level. “We are in a world of trouble,” I murmured against his lips.

His hold tightened, intoxicating me. Then he eased away an inch, maybe two. “You have the most beautiful spun-gold hair. It catches even the moonlight and glows like silk.”

I cleared my throat. “I know I just said trouble. You should stick to your side of the bed in this non-relationship.”

A wicked grin widened his mouth. “I could drown in the brilliant violet of your eyes.”

“Do I need to slap your face?”

He laughed. “Yes.”

I pushed him away, trying to get my heartbeat to slow. “Go away.”

He rolled into me, held me close. “I’ll be good. Just keeping you warm. It’s my right.”

I curled up, squeezing my eyes shut. “I can’t believe I’m sharing a bed with you. Do you snore?”

“Terribly. I’m also a bed-hog.”

I heard the partial lie, but to which half of that statement? “Hmm, since I’m squished between you and the wall, I’m picking you’re a bed-hog.”

“You feel all warm and soft. I’m not going anywhere.” He nuzzled my hair and yawned. “Go to sleep. You’ll need your rest if you want to be on your toes tomorrow.”

I didn’t doubt it. The minutes ticked by, and I slowly relaxed. My soul-bound mate lay beside me. For one night, or perhaps for more? I had no idea.

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Where Romance Meets Fantasy and Adventure…

Reading romance books captivated Joanne Wadsworth as a teenager, particularly when she tucked herself into bed at night and continued to dream those stories as she slept. She’d visualize the direction, taking the hero and heroine on an adventure unparalleled to what she’d read. Today she is devoted to writing romance, bringing her imagination to life within the lines of young adult, contemporary, and historical Highlander.

Born in New Zealand, Joanne works both as a writer and a financial controller, all while keeping up with her four energetic children and dreamy husband.

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  1. I liked getting this personal glimpse of Silas and Hope, Joanne. Can’t wait to enjoy their entire story in Warrior. I’m looking forward to what is sure to be an awesome read!

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