Meet the Characters with Kayelle Allen

keeperofmypleasure_kayelleallenHello and welcome to my blog for another round of Meet the Characters! Today I am featuring a guest blogger who has graciously agreed to let me do a character interview, which is my favorite kind of interview. Join me in welcoming author, Kayelle Allen, and her characters from Keeper of My Pleasure. It’s a fantastic Romantica® BDSM erotic romance with wonderful characters so without further ado here is the interview with Rai and Koo.

Heroine – Rai Whethen

Would you be interested in a sequel, if your writer was so inclined?

As long as she doesn’t try to change who I am, I’m open to it. I think Kayelle understood me quite well. At least so far. She wrote me as a strong woman who knows what she wants and goes after it, and who isn’t afraid to admit when she’s wrong. If she kept that, I could do another book. But it would have to include Koo. You’ll meet him in a moment.

What embarrasses you?

Very little, but one thing will get me every time. If I drop something, I hate having to stoop down and pick it up. If I drop something trivial, I’d rather leave it on the floor, especially in public. It’s not so much at home, but in public… I don’t know why that is, but for some reason it just makes my face turn red. Maybe it’s that I don’t look in control. If someone else picks it up, that’s fine, but I won’t do it unless it’s necessary.

What do you like most about where you live?

I have a beautiful house in a country club estate and it’s paid for. I like that I don’t have to worry about losing it. I’ve had clients who have lost their homes. Thankfully, I’ve been successful enough to have taken care of that issue. The future is something I think about, and security is important to me. I like knowing my home is free from harm, and that its privacy is maintained. If you’re involved in BDSM, you want to know that you and your sub are safe. Having a home that protects and nurtures you is something I treasure. I love being at home with Koo. He makes my house a home.

Hero – Koo Ayakura

Do you like the way the book ended?

Absolutely! Kayelle wrote us together and made me look pretty good too. I appreciate that. I adore Rai, so having our story end with us together was awesome.

What do you do for a living?

I’m a full time student, working on my first master’s degree. Rai thinks I should have at least two, so I spend a lot of time studying. She likes to read, so we’ll sit together in the evenings sometimes, listening to music while I study. Sometimes she’ll pick up my Kindle Fire to see what I’ve been reading appropriate material. Rai isn’t crazy about me reading erotic romance, unless I can show her that I’ve learned something from it. She about had a cow when she found out I’d “wasted my money” (as she put it) on Fifty Shades of Grey when there were so many other authors who knew how to write it properly. I just kept hearing how hot it was, so I bought it. Well, she turned it into an object lesson for me that involved a very sexy spanking. Oh, maybe I can’t talk about that here. Um… what was the question again?

What do you find most unappealing in women?

I think a woman who doesn’t know what she wants and won’t stand up for herself is unappealing. My idea of a “perfect” woman is someone like Rai. She knows what she wants, and she doesn’t let anything keep her from getting it. Don’t laugh, but it’s not just that she’s beautiful, because she definitely is. But if you’d ever had the pleasure of seeing her in court, and watching her take apart some sleazebag who thought he could get away with something… you’d understand. She’s like a high-powered drill when she goes after a bad guy. I love watching her work. I think a laid-back attitude is fine when you’re on vacation, but in life, I want a woman who knows how to be in charge.


A recent college graduate, Koo hires Rai as his attorney after thieves total his car and then dare to sue him. She wins, and takes him out to celebrate. Dinner leads to the hottest sex in his life, and a long-term relationship as her submissive. He adores the way she makes him feel, and the way she makes him burn. He longs to show her he has more to offer. He has a heart, and it’s hers, if only she’ll let him give it. A successful attorney in her late thirties, Rai has a penchant for handsome young men with long hair. Koo, her newest client, becomes more than her usual boy toy. He likes being tied up and whipped, and he yields the way she’d always dreamed. But he has a future ahead of him, and she’s a jaded lawyer. He wants sex, not love. Right? He wouldn’t stay with her forever. She trusts him to submit. To keep Koo, Rai is going to have trust her heart. Inside Scoop: Our hero willingly submits to his Dom lady love and all her toys in their BDSM play, including whips and bindings and more.


This scene takes place in Rai Whethen’s estate home. She and Koo Ayakura have spent the evening enjoying dinner, flirting, anticipating their session, and now it’s time for him to perform for his mistress.

In Rai’s bedroom, Koo stood before her. She’d stretched out on the bed and was watching him, hands tucked behind her head, legs crossed at the ankles.

“I’m ready to see you strip, Koo. Do you need music?” She lifted one eyebrow.

“No, mistress, but if you want music, I’ll use it.”

“Hmm.” She picked up a remote and pointed it. A dance tune started, and she skipped it, listened a moment, and skipped again. Two more songs and she turned it off. “No. I only want you. No distractions. Strip for me.” She tucked her hands behind her head again. Quite unlike her, she added, “Please.”

Koo began by unfastening his hair. Straight, healthy, it reached halfway to his waist, and shone like raven’s wings. He’d inherited it from his Japanese father. His Irish mother had imparted the splash of freckles across his nose and shoulders, and grey eyes. Rai liked his hair down, and he ran his fingers through the long tresses, shook his head, and let it fall.

Rai’s eyes gleamed, and she licked her lips.

He lifted one foot at a time to unfasten the plain black shoes, and slipped them off, pulling off each sock. He crossed his arms over his chest, slowly opened them, and pulled his tuxedo coat down his shoulders. It slipped down his arms, and he caught it, held it, and then slid it all the way off and tossed it over the hassock.

He reached up to the front of the vest, unfastened it one button at a time, doing it as slow as he could, taking care to keep her gaze on his hands. He pulled it open, let it slip down his arms, and then caught it at his elbows. He crossed his hands over his chest, hands spread.

Rai pushed herself up, hands braced on the bed.

Koo opened his arms, and let the vest fall. He caught it, tossed it after the jacket.

He opened each button on the shirt with the same slow care. Rai tugged up her skirt, and sat with legs folded, watching him like a cat in front of a mouse hole.

He opened the cufflinks, slid them into his pockets, and then shrugged out of his shirt. He held the collar between his teeth, folded the sleeves, and laid it aside.

Rai chewed on a knuckle, but didn’t speak.

He reached over his back, pulled off the T-shirt in one move, and cast it onto the pile of clothes. Bare from the waist up, he tucked his hands behind his head, lifted his hair, and let it fall over his shoulders. He’d always worked out; he also ran, and swam. He knew his body pleased women. But the way Rai looked at him, as if he were a tasty treat she craved… that made this more than a strip show. He was preparing himself for his lover.

Koo unfastened the waistband of his trousers, lowered the zipper, and then eased them partway down. He’d worn nothing underneath. The tuxedo’s material against his cock had aroused, and he’d been semi-erect all night. Knowing what Rai planned, he’d been hard from the moment they’d left the club and headed home. Now, as he dropped the pants and stepped out of them, his cock stood upright, ready to play.

“Oh, baby.” Rai held out her hands to him. “Come here, Koo.”

He walked over to the bed, and stood with hands behind him, offering all he was. Please let her see how much I love doing this. How much I love her.

Rai reached out and fondled his cock, sliding a hand along his length. “You’re beautiful, Koo. I can hardly wait to get you tied up.” She climbed off the bed. “Come with me.”

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Kayelle Allen is a multi-published, EPIC Award winning author. She writes Contemporary Romance, Gay Romance, Erotic Science Fiction Romance, Mainstream Fantasy, BDSM, and non-fiction. She likes to attend Science Fiction conventions, and has been a speaker at DragonCon, Outlantacon, and Gaylaxicon. She is a US Navy Veteran, and founded her own graphics company. Kayelle is married to her personal hero, and makes her home in the southeast.

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