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TBT BIGHello and welcome to my blog for another round of Meet the Characters!  Today I am featuring a guest blogger who has graciously agreed to let me do a character interview, which is my favorite kind of interview. Join me in welcoming author, Bobbi Romans, and her characters from Table for Three-Hold the Blood. It’s a fantastic Horror/Erotic romance with wonderful characters so without further ado here is the interview with Arron, Marklon and Shana.

I wanted to sit down to uh…go over your creative relationship. (They all laugh, but I notice Shana is blushing pretty bad)

How did the three of you end up…well like you are? (They’re all looking at each like they’re about to draw rock, paper, scissors.)

Shana- When Arron got sick, we both felt so lost. I mean, neither of us could half understand the medical mumbo jumbo being tossed at us. We’d turned to Marklon for help, as we’d all become close friends. He jumped at the chance to help us.

Marklon- That was a pretty low point for all of us. Cancer, even in its early stages is a beast to deal with especially trying to wing all the medical terms being tossed out so quickly you don’t even have a chance to ask what the hell it all means.

So when did it cross the line from friends to lovers?

Arron, I know what you’re probably thinking. I was sick and they hooked up. No. That’s the farthest from the truth. If anything…that pushed them farther apart.

What do you mean?

They were both in this to help me. They made it a point to steer clear of each other unless around me, and though there were times when trying to cheer me up, I saw sparks, they both refused to acknowledge it. It wasn’t until I began to get better that things turned in this direction.

So you were the one to instigate it?

Shana- It wasn’t really any one of us. It just sort of happened one night. The relief of Arron getting better was almost like a high…and we were celebrating and one thing led to another. Before we knew it we all had to admit…we’d bonded in a life or death circumstance type situation. None of us wanted to part ways.

Arron- She’s right. This connection is between the three of us. It’s strong, like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

Marklon- Ditto.

How is it being out in public together? I would think that would be difficult.

Marklon- There are times it is. But then something happens and what other people think becomes the least of our concerns.

(I see he shoots a worried expression to both Shana and Arron)

Like the serial killer running around town?

Arron- Exactly. Who cares whose with who when friends and loved ones are being butchered up and served on platters. We’ve bigger issues to deal with right now.

(Shana steps away to answer her cell phone)

Marklon- Arron summed it up beautifully. We’ve bigger fish to fry right now than uppity town folk.

Shana-Hey guys, we’re wanted down at the police station again. I’m so sorry to have to cut the interview short, but since I keep ending up where the bodies do…well, I’m being looked at funny and for once it has nothing to do with our unique relationship.

I watch as they all leave, and am left with the powerful feeling of love radiating from each of them. They are family and will tackle anything and everything together as one unit, rather than a duo.


Shana, Erron, and Marklon hadn’t realized life had more than a committed threesome in store for them. Like catching the serial killer monster who is leaving bloody body parts in restaurants throughout their small town—on platters no less. The first murder and subsequent meal/gag occurred not long ago, at the upscale eatery, Carnal Cravings. Not long after, nearly every restaurant in town had served up some form of unexpected tartar. Heads on platters stuffed like prize pigs at luaus and people popsicles. Even deli-wrapped penises, taking Oscar Meyer Weiner to a whole new plane of pun, have rocked the sleepy little town of Crow Manor Maine to a state of panic. It was then the nightmares began for Shana and her two men. It wasn’t long before she realized they weren’t nightmares but visions. They’d become attuned to the killer. As the threesome fight for their love and their lives, old skeletons tumble out of the closet that could literally carve them to shreds.


Branches tore into her sides, but she couldn’t afford to stop with the whirring of the chainsaw so close on her heels. Why hadn’t she listened? She’d been warned.Hell, she’d seen the signs of instability herself. Scalding hot tears streamed down her cheeks as her body grew cold. Her now-gone hand mysteriously throbbed as loose bits of skin slapped back and forth across jagged bone. Pressing onthe bloody stump to squelch the blood flow, she bit her tongue so she wouldn’t scream from the blazing agony.

He was close.

She had to hide! Her only option left.

Suddenly,things went silent. She heard the saw no more. Maybe he’d given up? Her heart raged within her chest, and bile burned her throat.

She hunkered down behind some thick brush. So damn cold, she thought, as she gingerly pulled the material of her sleeve back to look at the ground-up mass where her hand had once been. The snapping of twigs behind her, the last minute confirmation that she shouldn’t have lost track of where her killer was. Not even for one precious moment.

The saw started back up. She screamed. The metallic glint of the rolling blade scame at her in the moonlight. She threw an arm up—as if that had helped before.She heard bone meeting metal, felt warmth rush her face, and she knew no more.

* ** * *

“Nooo!”Erron bolted upright, swiping angrily at the beads of sweat which dripped from his forehead. He grabbed his right hand and rubbed furiously as if it had gone to sleep.

Shana threw her arms around him. She’d never seen her boyfriend suffer from such nightmares. His bloodcurdling scream awoke both her and Marklon, their partner,from deep slumber. Erron was trembling hard, and his body was covered in perspiration. Whatever nightmare he’d awakened from must have been a doozy!

“Hey buddy, only a nightmare. No more late night burritos for you.”

Marklon’s attempt at humor was lost on Erron who was still fighting to fully waken and escape whatever dark place he’d been trapped in.

“She’s dead,” Erron muttered.

His voice sounded raw and wounded. Shana’s gut twisted at his words.

“Who?”She and Marklon asked the question at the same time.

“The girl with the spider earrings. He killed her and cut her up.”

Erron wiped the spittle from the edges of his mouth and raked a hand through his hair. He still didn’t seem to have quite emerged from his state of slumber as he slowly rocked back and forth with his head between his drawn-up knees.

Marklon shot Shana a concerned look but still took the time to reach out and run his hands lovingly through her long, dirty-blond locks in a reassuring manner.

“Sweets,I think some coffee might help.”Marklon suggested, shooting an apprehensive glance toward Erron.

Shana paused in the doorway long enough to soak in Marklon’s beauty. His Greek heritage shone strong through his dark, exotic looks. Dark hair, green eyes,deeply bronzed skin…such a polar opposite to Erron’s fair hair, fair skin, and vivid ice-blue eyes. How she’d ever gotten so lucky to find not merely one drop-dead gorgeous, sweet-as-sin boyfriend, but two, she’d never understand.

“Coming right up,” she said, striving for a chipper tone to soothe her worried state.

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Author Bio:

Author Bobbi Romans born and raised in the suburbs of D.C, now resides in the south with Prince Charming and her overly large, nutty family. Currently, Bobbi is hiding from her loud family in a closet as she taps away the next installment in the Swamp Magic series. Little known facts: She’s been on the Gordon Elliot show and has owned ferrets, crawdads, rats, flying squirrels and a barnyard of other animals/critters.

I write in all kinds of genre’s right now, so keep up with my website, or any of the social sites below for new releases, interviews, reviews and contests.




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Thank you for joining us today! I hope you enjoyed this round of Meet the Characters and will join us again next week!




23 thoughts on “Meet the Characters with Bobbi Romans

  1. I love romantic suspense books but I don’t think I’ve read any with a menage element so I’ll have to check this out:)
    Thanks for the spotlight and excerpt

  2. Great scene. Keeping the conversation flowing and mental pictures embedded isn’t easy, but you sure make it seem that way. Congratulations!

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