Bell Island Cupcakes Series

New series! Featuring Navy SEAL's and the bakers who love them. This is a series of books with recipes so you can enjoy a great read and try a new cupcake recipe!

Wolff Securities Series

An elite, private-sector security firm run by the Wolff brothers. 

Qualifications: Military background.

Services: Personal & corporate security, high risk missions into dangerous places, hostage/kidnap/fugitive recovery, intelligence gathering.

SEAL Team Alpha

The men of SEAL Team 5. Strong and loyal, they keep our country safe.

ATCOM Series

A covert, anti-terrorist organization who operate under the cloak of darkness, eliminating terrorists one bad guy at a time.

Standalone Books

These are my books that aren't part of a series, although some of the characters from my series might make an occasional appearance.

What I'm Working On Now:

Hello readers!

I just released the first read in my Bell Island Cupcakes series. It's a short read to introduce the series and available on Amazon.

I'm now working on the next book in my Wolff Securities series. This will be book #5. Evan and JJ's story. It's gonna be a dark, emotional rollercoaster ride involving underground fight clubs. I'm having fun writing their stories and I can't wait for you to read it too! I'm hoping for a Fall release so stay tuned!

All my best,

Book Cover Coming Soon

Next Steps...

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